Sebastian Sharpe

M/M Romance Author

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You Made Me Hate Me

Apparently, time heals all wounds. Whoever came up with that saying obviously didn’t go to school with Lukas Ford. After I made a stupid schoolboy error, Lukas Ford made it his mission to make me wish that I was never born. How can the one person who makes my life a daily living hell be the same person I can’t stop wanting? I want to regret the day I first laid eyes on Lukas. I need to bide my time and get out of this high school.


After a life-changing tragedy irrecoverably altered the lives of me and my family, I was left with no other decision but to hide who I am to protect those I loved from coming to harm again. High school, is over, yet here I am years later haunted by the man whose face haunts my dreams. I messed up big time in high school, but not this time though. One way or another, I am going to make Tyler Dane mine.


One Last Chance

“Please don’t leave me, I’m so sorry. Please, you can’t leave. We’re getting married. Things will be different I promise. I messed up I know, but please let me fix this. Give me one more chance.” Sobs wracked his body as it shook against my own.

My hand rested over his at my waist. I leaned my head forward to move it out of reach of his lips. “I can’t trust you anymore. I don’t think we can fix this. You broke us,”


Apparently being dragged away from the life you love, then forced to attend the prestigious Melwood Academy was not torture enough. Now I have to spend my days and nights lusting after my best friend’s older brother. Justin sees me as an annoying little brother when all I see is him.


You should not have to watch the man you love promise to marry someone else. Just when I think I have lost my chance with Davis, a tragedy strikes and a second chance is within my grasp. A chance I will not squander this time around


My Best Friend, The Bully

Being the token gay kid in the school was never gonna be an easy ride, I mistakenly thought my best friend Jared would be there for me through thick and thin. I never expected him to become the high school bully that made me hate who I am. One thing’s for sure, Jared Collins had my heart, before he broke it in two, I’ll never make that mistake again

I can’t get him out of my head. Michael Irwin was a temptation that I could not let myself give into. When you’re parents are leaders of the church, being openly gay is never going to happen. Once high school is over and I’m out on my own, all bets are off. Michael Irwin is may not realise it yet, but he’s mine.





The only thing that Will Fisher wished for this Christmas was for his son Silas to be happy in their new home.

Being a newly divorced single dad of a six-year-old can be tough enough, but finding yourself back on your home shores for the first time in years is even tougher. Determined to make this Christmas special, Will takes Silas to see Santa in the pop-up Santa’s magical kingdom that all of London is raving about.

Will gets more than he bargained for when he comes face-to-face with Niko Calus. Santas are supposed to be fat and jolly right? Why is this muscled mystery man making him so hot under the collar this cold winter season? Especially since Will Fisher is straight.

Niko Calus wants everything Will Fisher has to offer, but there is one problem. Niko has a secret, one that could change the world forever. Caught between his obligations to the family business and the inferno of desire ignited by Will, Niko must make a life-altering decision that had far-reaching consequences.

Can Will find happiness back home? Or will his past come back to make this Christmas not so merry?


Journey back under the veil, into the oceans of Alvavale.

Mel Cadmus is the Merfolk prince of the icy North. He’d dreamed of spending his day swimming the oceans deep with his best friend, Ax. Merfolk defenders of Alvavale, both of Royal blood, bound by honour and duty to serve the great spirit, Gaia. A tragedy destroys his dreams when his best friend is suddenly taken from him. Years later, as an unknown force from Jord threatens the very existence of Gaia, Mel must stop at nothing to save the great spirit and secure the barriers separating the worlds.

Heff Lisker, the son of mysterious billionaire oil tycoon, Janus Lisker, and owner of Lisker Crop wants nothing more than solace and peace, to be left alone to operate his father’s oil platform in the Sea of Okhotsk. Now, however, his world is about to be turned upside down, when his father’s new hypersonic drill is set to go deeper into the earth than ever before, unleashing a power the likes of which the world has never seen!

Mysteries unravel in this heart-stopping thrill ride through the Oceans.

Can Mel and Heff work together to save Gaia, and the worlds as they know them?

The Spirit of the Ocean is about to make Herself known.




“It’s so pretty, you have all this scarlet within you, so vibrant and alive. I’m going to show you just how pretty you are inside.”

When Archer’s life finally settles into something which resembles normal, he feels like he can breathe for the first time in years.

Normal doesn’t last long as Archer’s world starts to fall apart around him. Something is lurking in the shadows, watching and waiting for him.

With no one to trust and everyone a suspect, Archer must fight to survive both physically and mentally.

One thing is for sure, something IS waiting for Archer, and it only understands one thing.

Archer is Mine.