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One of the absolute truths of being an author is that you cannot please everyone, but you live for the people that your work does move. Below are just some of the reviews submitted on various sites. Below reviews are taken from Goodreads, Amazon, Bookbub & Booksprout. Be warned there may be spoilers in the reviews, the ones highlighted in bold contain spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t yet read the books.


I loved this story between Justin and Davis. They had their fair share of an emotional roller coaster, especially Davis. I loved the never-ending attraction and feelings they have. The individual struggles. I was constantly rooting for them. It’s a low angst story that had an amazing end. I just wanted to read it again when I hit the last page.  -Amazon Reviewer Penny

I loved this! It’s gripping, sexy, emotional, and  hilarious. I was invested right away, and I read it in one sitting.

The MCs have so much chemistry, and I just couldn’t get enough of them. It’s a pretty slow burn, but the build up is very steamy, and when they finally get together, it’s very hot. Justin is a wonderfully possessive jock who really means well, but also does a lot of self-sabotage and just messes up every opportunity. Davis might act a bit more mature in many ways, but he always takes the bait when it comes to Justin, even though he tries to keep the world’s most inconvenient crush under control.

All of the characters have a well-defined personality, and even if their motivations aren’t explicitly stated, you can put yourself in their shoes. The friendships/family relationships are fun, full of banter, caring, and realistic. They are supportive but brutally honest when needed, and even if they help the relationship along, they’re not just there to smush the MCs faces together, as is often the case. I have to say I love the way this author writes women – they are strong, three-dimensional characters, their relationships with the protagonists are valued, significant and realistic, and there’s a genuine affection there.

There’s some hurt/comfort, passion, and a couple of dark moments, but they are somehow seamlessly woven with the more lighthearted and amusing ones. It’s also very well paced, and the prose is lovely. While the first book in the series had more of a discrepancy between the dark moments and the light ones, I would say this one is overall lighter and more balanced in tone.

An excellent, well-written romance, and definitely a one-click author.  -Amazon Reviwer Starla

This book was so much more than I expected. I loved Davis. He’s adorable and just a guy you’d want to be your friend. As for Justin the number of times I wanted to just reach out and smack him upside the back of the head was fun! I loved the plot and ordered both families.  GoodReads Reviewer Emma

Sooo good!! I was a little stressed to read this. I was worried about Niall’s background with his parent’s. I shouldn’t have been, the author handled it beautifully!! Niall is Dawn’s brother who we met in Consuming Redemption. This was such a good story, perfect amount of angst and steaminess! Niall is starting to live again after his husband’s death. Blake is the lead singer for Cinder Faith, a band that plays in the Irish style pub that Niall owns. They have been covertly eyeing each other. Will Niall take a chance at love again? Fantastic story!! I’m voluntarily reviewing from an advanced copy that I received.  -Janet Hunt

I loved this story. It gave me all the emotions of loss and love. I won’t give the story away, but will say even with definite sadness, there are rainbows to be found. I loved the story, characters, and the reality. The sadness, heartbreak, and happiness is the reality we can all face. And I love to see authors not afraid to write about it. – Booklover274

This one gave me all the feelings, shivers, and goosebumps.
It’s a beautifully written narrative about losing everyone you love, keeping distance to protect your fragile heart, receiving a sign and opening up, and finding your forever.

That’s a mouthful of words, but it is exactly this. Only it’s all wrapped up in beautiful sentences, plausible scenery, and palpable moments of sadness and joy.
ALL the feelings!

This author is ranking up higher on my favorite author list!

There are some warnings please keep them in mind!  – LoveisLovereview

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Wow just wow. Stunning, beautiful story. Wonderfully written, applause!
J. S. Grey made the right choice... start writing a novel! A debut full-length novel ha! and what a story it is.
The story starts in the year 2001 Tyler Dane is a 16 years old high schooler.
Tyler is heavily bullied by Lukas, when I say heavily I mean heavily. Bruises, blood, death wishes, and homophobic slurs.
It’s all terrible palpable, I felt the hurt, devastating.

After years of recovering from years at high school, Tyler is stronger and more confident now.
He’s shocked meeting Lukas at a party of a mutual friend and Lukas trying to be nice. Wtf!
I was like... please Tyler don’t give in, DON’T give in. Dang, he gave in.
It sounds crazy but after all these years Tyler still has a weakness for Lukas.
Letting Lukas in, is a wise decision? Time will tell.
So far just a tip of the iceberg.
I was so afraid the story would falter or going flat, writing consistently hurtful content is difficult and hard work. Thank goodness it didn’t disappoint, I’ll tell you it was even better than I could hope for. Because, wow a lot is happening here. I’m not gonna spoil that would be awful.
But believe me, it’s captivating AF, it’s not an easy road for them and there is a lot of hurt revealed. It’s a full-on story, well developed, nothing superficial to find, the author didn’t choose the simple way like a little bit of hurt, comfort and tada everything is okay, no there is a mountain of difficulties to find. For a good balance, there is also enough fun and joy to find and a bunch of sexiness.
Besides the main characters, there are two beautiful people I want to highlight: Max and Dawn, two die-hard friends from respectively Tyler and Lukas.

The last part of the story is just... the best, so fulfilling and satisfying for a reader!
It was a beautifully developed, awesomely written narrative, engaging, well balanced with the right dynamic.
I read it with nails in my hand, grinding teeth, my stomach hurt, my heart broke, I smiled, laughed, and cried with both men. They could forgive and look beyond, how wonderful can you be?
I’m gonna stop this review, you got the picture, it’s an amazing story!
Highly recommended!

FYI: The main themes are High School Bully / Enemies to Lover Romance. Tragedy and Betrayal, Snarky Best Friend Side Kick, M/M Erotic Romance.
This is a wild ride. It really pulls you in, and keeps you there. It's not a light read, and it can be very painful at times, but it's also passionate, fun, and very romantic.

At times I honestly wasn't sure how this relationship would work out, and it took some time and frustration, but the love and the passion were always there. The chemistry is off the charts, the heat factor was very high, and there was a wonderful connection beyond the attraction. It's definitely a complicated relationship, and both characters were very conflicted and hurt by the past. Still, even though they were both struggling, they made it work. There were A LOT of bumps along the way, but somehow Tyler and Lukas managed to find their way to each other, and I was delighted when they did. The writing is excellent, and the dialogue is so funny. The worldbuilding is very good and the characters are exceptionally well-rounded. Nothing and no one is black-and-white in this book, and everyone had a distinct voice. I loved the bantering, I loved Max and her Viking, and especially her relationship with Tyler. I even liked Ben in a way(not right away, but he grew on me, and I kind of want him to get his HEA too). And of course, I love an adorable epilogue.

Excellent debut, I will definitely be following this author. The snippet of the next book was intriguing and I am excited to see what's next.
I don't know if I can express the gamut of emotions I went through reading this. Such hatred for Lukas and putting Tyler through such chaos and brutality when he knew what it would do to him, thinking a simple sorry would suffice after a few years since they last saw each other to kind of shipping them then distraught after a big shock. I loved the chemistry, very hot coupling and funny best friend, the redemption arc and how Lukas had to work for forgiveness from Tyler and it wasn't smooth sailing. Tyler was an amazing character and I'm awed at his strength and courage, Lukas, so very flawed and heartbreaking but really grew into someone I could love and appreciate as a man, his backstory was incredibly sad and heartwrenching it just made me feel for him even more. A phenomenal debut and has definitely made my top ten books of all time.
Consuming Redemption: Love in the North is an all-consuming, gut wrenching love story by JS Grey.
From Lucas' first day at school, Tyler gets off on the wrong foot with him. Now, fours years later, he's still bullied and hated, while Lucas is the popular guy.
Oh Tyler. He's someone I want to hug and protect from the start. The only gay guy in school, he stands no chance against Lucas and his friends. It's awful to see what he has to endure each day.

But then there's Lucas, who's living a lie, as the closeted jock. He secretly enjoys his interactions with Tyler, but can't let his defenses down.
What a tough read. Fast forward and the two men meet again. Damn, these two ooze chemistry. They are seriously amazing together. Even once they're together, things aren't easy. I cried. I bawled. But damn I love these men and know they aren't perfect. But, omg. The ups and downs killed me.
It's not always easy to redeem a former bully, but the author does just that. And does it well. Learning about Lucas's past had be bawling for the man. Good god, I wasn't ready for that.

Some people are publicly bullied while others are bullied in private. Both kinds of bullying leave a person forever changed. And damn, the author powerfully illustrates this.
Good god, the only consolation I have is that people's experiences make them who they are. Had these two not suffered so much, they might have never gotten to a place of loving each other. Yes, I know, they aren't real people. But don't yell at me. Blame the author for creating such lovable and realistic characters. And, yes, that is one of the greatest compliments one can give to an author. Let alone a new author.
Written in present tense, it isn't my preferred writing style. But other than the tense, I enjoy the rest of the writing. It's written in alternating povs, bringing both men fully alive. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Consuming Redemption is one hell of a love story. I can't recommend this JS Grey book enough. Be sure to put some time aside for this one, because you won't want to put it down.
Consuming Redemption is an easy read with powerful moments, twists and thoroughly detailed descriptions. Lukas and Tyler's story is spicy, hot and unpredictable but also depicting a down to earth relationship; the kind of story anyone can experience. You can find through these characters your friend, your colleague or your next door neighbor. But the intensity of their feelings is next level. Highly recommend!
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Review for Consuming Redemption